The Rosary Apostolate

Am I not your Mother?
Are you not in my shadow
and under my protection? 
Are you not in the fold of my
mantle and safe in my arms?

Am I not your Mother?  Are you not in my shadow and under my protection? 
Are you not in the fold of my mantle and safe in my arms?

THE APOSTOLATE OF THE ROSARY AND THE MANTLE OF THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE, Mother of the True God for whom we live, is born from a devotion of Naty de Anda to Our Lady of Guadalupe and has as its main objective to bring together people to pray the Holy Rosary in family or community, using the intentions proposed for each mystery.

The Mantle is a sign asked by the Holy Mother of Guadalupe to be taken to those families, patients and communities who will receive it, which is why it is delivered in custody (not ownership) to a priest or a member of this Aposotlate.


My name is Naty de Anda.  I am 54 years old and have been married 32 years.  I have 11 children and I am Catholic by conviction.  In the month of September 2010 I started a project based upon a dream that had its beginning in January 2010.  In this dream, Our Mother, the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe placed a Map of the State of Jalisco on a table and gently let fall her Sacred Mantle upon the geography of this State.  In this dream I glimpsed many people around that table.  We were all praying the Rosary and at that moment  were praying for peace in our State.  In this context the Virgin asks us to pray for priests, families, entrepreneurs, politicians, media owners, thieves and kidnappers, and especially for those who have turned away from God.

During the same dream I saw another picture with the same scene.  The only difference was that now, not only was it just the State of Jalisco, it was all the Mexican Republic.  She covered with her Mantle the Mexican Republic and all the people were praying the Rosary for peace.

This dream was repeated several nights for months.  I tried not to care until a friend, Adriana, sent me a message that said: “Cover yourself with the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe”.  This comment made me give importance to my dreams, and I asked Adriana why she had said that to me.  She replied that the Virgin had told her to communicate it to me.  This means of communication with Adriana was via cell phone messages.  Days later the two of us met, together with a mutual friend, Lolita, to talk about these occurrences .  Both Adriana and Lolita suggested that I have to fashion a mantle like the Mantle of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.  I told them I had no idea about how to do that.  I felt like Juan Diego, ignorant about the size, shape and colour.

Within two days of that conversation, Marcela sent me an email informing me that there was a place in Guadalajara where a documentary was being made entitled “1531” whose central theme is the appearances of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  My friend told me how to contact the producer and my original intention was to ask him to sell me the mantle used in the production.

That is how I managed to get in communication with Laura, the wife of the producer, who assured me that it was impossible to sell me the mantle.  The next step was to communicate with the seamstress who made the mantle to ascertain the type of fabric used and its measurements.

Don Hector, owner of a fabric store, suggested a fabric which is used for priestly vestments, in a green colour with gilded stars.  Suddenly he added, “This will be the first of many mantles.”

The most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe said that she wants to cover with her Mantle all of Jalisco and all of the Mexican Republic.  She wants us to carry her image with us to visit the sick or the people who are away from God.

When the seamstress delivered a finished mantle to me on 2 September 2010, I took it to the Honourable Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, Archbishop of Guadalajara on 3 September 2010, who blessed it.  He gave me the approval to go ahead with the project using the name of “The Apostolate of the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe (24 May 2011).

In May 2014 the Apostolate received the approval of the Archbishop of Guadalajara and the new name Apostolate of the Rosary and the Mantle of the Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe (signed … Jesus Garcia Zamora Pbro. Lic. Vicar General).

This Apostolate wants to take the protection of the Virgin and her motherly embrace to everyone, mainly to the most distant, to feel her presence, her love and company.  At the same time, make our faith grow like a little mustard seed.

Then I had one more dream in which the same took place as before, except that now the Most Holy Virgin let her mantle fall on a world map and tells me that what is happening in Jalisco and in the Mexican Republic is also happening all over the world. 

The Virgin of Guadalupe must not only be known in Jalisco or in the Mexican Republic, she must also be known in all the world.  Her Mantle must cover all of us.  It will help strengthen our faith so it will gow as a mustard seed.  She wants to take us in her hands to the arms of her beloved Son.


The most Holy virgin of Guadalupe wants to cover us with her Mantle, and our faith to grow as a little mustard seed.  She asks us to pray the Rosary and dictated to me the intentions with which we are to unite:

  1. Peace in our Mexican land and in the entire world
  2. For the Sick
  3. For Prisoners
  4. For Families
  5. For Migrants
  6. For Priests
  7. For the Kidnapped
  8. For when the devil tempts us
  9. Ask for forgiveness, reconcile ourselves with God and Communion.
  10. For a life consecrated to Jesus and Mary

These prayers have been checked, approved and authorised with the “Nihil Obstat” for publication by Archbishop of Guadalajara, 5 August 2010, Mons G Ramiro Valdes Sanchez, Vicar General.

The Holy Virgin asks us to:

  • Confess regularly
  • Attend Mass every day and receive Holy Communion
  • Fast on Wednesday and Friday 
  • Pray the Rosary
  • Visit the Blessed Sacrament

Our Lady of Guadalupe tells me the bells are ringing and that we are at the end of times.  No matter what apostolate we are in, it is most urgent that we be close to God and do His Will.

We must not wait, because this Apostolate is urgent.  Our Lady of Guadalupe is crying because we have not listened to Her Son.  We must always have time for the things of God.  We must always fulfil our responsibilities and have faith in God.

Everyone (Countries and Continents) needs the protection of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, who takes us by the hand to lead us to her Son.

Carmela put me in contact with the person in San Juan de los Lagos who prepares the outfit of the Virgin of San Juan de Los Lagos, so he could make a Mantle like the one I saw in my dreams.  The Mantle is embroidered with stars, as they appear in the Ayate (Tilma) of San Juan Diego.  On the inside it is embroidered with a world map to highlight:

  •  Jalisco State Birthplace of this Apostolate;
  • Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Lord Jesus;
  • Hill of Tepeyac, where the apparitions of the Virgin took place;
  • The Vatican where the Pope resides, the successor of St Peter, head of the Church;
  • The place where the Mantle is sent, whether it is a continent, a country or a city.  (On ANZAC Day, 25 April 2019, Australia, with much love and enthusiasm for the Apostolate, received its first Mantle and is pictured here.  The second Mantle arrived in Australia on 8 May 2019.)

The Holy Virgin of Guadalupe is not understood without her Son, Jesus, whom she carried in her womb, and she tells me that our guide is the Vicar of Jesus on earth.

The Virgin indicated to me to go to Mexico, to the Shrine of Guadalupe.  In the sacristy of Tepeyac I was to seek a priest.  They sent me to “x” confessional where I spent an hour talking with the priest, but I was not able to convince him that what the most Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe had told me was true.  I left sad and stayed to hear the 2.00pm Mass.  I offered Mass for him.  I walked over to the image of the Ayate (the Tilma of Juan Diego on which Our Mother had appeared). I begged the Virgin to come down for the Mantles and to put them over her and then to return them to me.

Walking through the Basilica, I encountered a Bishop from Jalisco who was praying the Rosary.  I told him of the commission that the Virgin had entrusted to me—to bring the Mantles near to her Holy Image.

He asked me what was needed and I repeated what the Virgin had asked of me.  My legs were trembling.  What the Virgin had told me was becoming a reality.  The Bishop took me to the sacristy of the Basilica, where in a small room the original image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is housed—the first five Mantles touched the special door of the room and, in the Sacristy, the first embroidered Mantles and the Canvas Image of Our Mother were blessed.

Rosary for Peace

First Mystery
We offer this Mystery for N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, for all priests, deacons and religious of the Church that they may be faithful to their vocation.

Second Mystery
We offer this Mystery for world leaders, that Jesus may dwell in their hearts and rule with truth and justice.

Third Mystery 
We offer this Mystery for parents and for marriages, that selfishness can be completely eradicated from families, and in that way they may be open to life, and trusting in the Child Jesus.

Fourth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for entrepreneurs so that their companies have values, practice them and pass them on to their employees. For the communication media to promote values through their content.

Fifth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for those who have turned away from God so they may find Him and never again be separated from Him.