The Rosary Apostolate

Rosary for Peace



Rosary for Peace

First Mystery
We offer this Mystery for N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, for all priests, deacons and religious of the Church that they may be faithful to their vocation.

Second Mystery
We offer this Mystery for world leaders, that Jesus may dwell in their hearts and rule with truth and justice.

Third Mystery 
We offer this Mystery for parents and for marriages, that selfishness can be completely eradicated from families, and in that way they may be open to life, and trusting in the Child Jesus.

Fourth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for entrepreneurs so that their companies have values, practice them and pass them on to their employees. For the communication media to promote values through their content.

Fifth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for those who have turned away from God so they may find Him and never again be separated from Him.


Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, cover with your mantle the state (where I live), the country (where I live), and the whole world. Intercede for us before your Son. Give us faith like a mustard seed.

Let us pray to have the strength and the courage to defend our faith.  Help us to protect and prepare our spouse and our children so they may love and serve God.  Jesus, we love you, take us by the hand and never let us go.

Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus, You are our peace. Look at our nation damaged by violence and dispersed by fear and insecurity. Give comfort to those who suffer.  Assure that those who govern us make the right decisions.  Touch the hearts of those who provoke suffering and death, those who forget that we are all brothers and sisters.  Give them the gift of conversion.  Protect our families, our children, adolescents and young people.  Protect our people and our communities.  May we, as your disciples and missionaries, and as responsible citizens, be promoters of justice and peace, so that in You, our people may have a dignified life.  Amen.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe stay with all the people who are promoting The Mantle throughout the world, take in your hands the special petitions asked for in every place where The Mantle is, and take them to the arms of your beloved Son, so they may have strength, courage, congruency, and Jesus in their hearts, and may their faith grow like a mustard seed.