The Rosary Apostolate

Rosary for Priests



Rosary for Priests

Through the intercession of Mary, we offer this Mystery:
For the Holy Father: that he may be filled with courage and grace;
For Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops: that they may have a shepherd’s heart.
For Diocesan Priests: that they may be filled with the Holy Spirit.
For Priests in Religious Orders: that they may be perfected in their calling.
For Missionary Priests: that the Lord may protect them.
For Priests who are preachers: that they may be enlightened.
For Priests who direct souls: that they may be instructed.
May they all be strengthened in their labours. 
May they all know peace in their sufferings. 

Through the intercession of Mary, we offer this Mystery:
For Priests who are ill: that they may be healed
For Priests who are poor: that they may be relieved.
For Priests who are sad: that they may be consoled.
For Priests who are worried: that they may have peace.
For Priests who are alone: that the Lord may accompany them.
For Priests who are in danger: that they may be delivered.
For Priests who are weak; that they may be strengthen.
For Priests who have lost their zeal: that they may be renewed
For Priests who are old: may they be sustained
For Priests who have died: that they may be brought to glory.

Through the intercession of Mary, we offer this Mystery for all Priests:
That the Holy Spirit may fill them, and give them His gifts in abundance—
wisdom and knowledge;
understanding and counsel;
fortitude, reverence and awe of God.
the virtues of faith, hope and love;
patience, obedience and kindness;
a burning zeal for souls;
That they may practice sacrifice and self-denial;
That they may be holy in body, mind and spirit; and that they may be men of prayer. 

Through the intercession of Mary, we offer this Mystery for all Priests:
That they may be the salt of the earth;
That their faith shine forth in them; as the light of Christ;
That their hands bless and heal;
That they may be concerned for our salvation;
That they may possess respect for life and human dignity;
That they may possess integrity and justice; humility and generosity.
And that they may be faithful to their priestly vocation.

Through the intercession of Mary, let us pray for all Priests:
That they may be loyal to the Holy Father and to their Bishops;
That they possess a great love for Mary;
An intense love for the Eucharist;
A burning love for Christ;
A great love for the Trinity
And may all their steps be for the glory of God. Amen.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear the prayers we offer for our priests. Let them know clearly the work that You are calling them to do. Grant them every grace to answer Your call with courage, love, and lasting dedication to Your will. We ask Mary’s intercession as their loving mother. Amen.

Virgin of Guadalupe, accompany all those who are promoting your mantle throughout the world and take into your immaculate and merciful hands their prayers of petition for the salvation of souls.  Lead them into the embrace of your beloved Son, Jesus so they may have the strength, courage and a Christ-like heart to do God’s Holy Will.  May their faith grow like a mustard seed.