The Rosary Apostolate

Rosary for the
Sick and Dying



Rosary for the Sick and Dying

May we know how to act and what to say when there is a sick person at home or in the hospital.  May we learn to offer our and their suffering for a special intention.  Pray the Rosary, with the Litany of Loretto, and ask in each mystery:

For the one who is sick; may God’s will be done for him/her, and not ours.

For the relatives of the patient; may God grant them strength.

For the doctors, that they may give the correct diagnosis and off the right treatment for the patient.

For the patient and their carer; may their faith grow.

For those who will soon die, and have no one to pray for them.  May we all have faith in God.


Mary our Mother, please hold in your loving arms, those who are sick and their families.  Please pray for them and for us.

Jesus I give myself and my sick one to You.

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, protect us with your Mantle and let our faith grow like a mustard seed.

I humbly ask that You cure this patient.  You are great and merciful.  Help me get to know You, love You and put my life and the life of my relative at Your service; help me accept Your Will as something good for the life of the patient and my own.  If he/she recovers, thank you My Lord.  But if You see that this is the best moment to take him/her in Your arms, help our faith grow so that we may accept Your Will and thank you for this long expected moment, because we all wish to be in Your arms one day.  Amen.

Virgin of Guadalupe, accompany all those who are promoting your mantle throughout the world and take into your immaculate and merciful hands their prayers of petition for the salvation of souls.  Lead them into the embrace of your beloved Son, Jesus so they may have the strength, courage and a Christ-like heart to do God’s Holy Will.  May their faith grow like a mustard seed.

Rosary for Peace

First Mystery
We offer this Mystery for N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, for all priests, deacons and religious of the Church that they may be faithful to their vocation.

Second Mystery
We offer this Mystery for world leaders, that Jesus may dwell in their hearts and rule with truth and justice.

Third Mystery 
We offer this Mystery for parents and for marriages, that selfishness can be completely eradicated from families, and in that way they may be open to life, and trusting in the Child Jesus.

Fourth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for entrepreneurs so that their companies have values, practice them and pass them on to their employees. For the communication media to promote values through their content.

Fifth Mystery
We offer this Mystery for those who have turned away from God so they may find Him and never again be separated from Him.