The Rosary Apostolate

 The Sorrowful Mysteries

Tuesday and Friday
These recall the most significant moments of the Passion and Death of the Lord; from the Prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Olives, to His Crucifixion and Death with the Virgin Mary at the foot of the Cross.


First Mystery
The Prayer and Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Matthew 26:36-46
Mark 14:32-42

Second Mystery
The scourging of Jesus tied to a pillar the night of the Passion
Matthew 27:26-31
Mark 15:15-20

Third Mystery
The Crowning with Thorns of Our Lord Jesus Christ 
Mark 15:16-20

Fourth Mystery
The Carrying of the Cross to Calvary by Our Lord Jesus Christ 
Matthew 27:32-33
Mark 15:21-23
Luke 23:26-32

Fifth Mystery
The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Matthew 27:35-56
Mark 15:29-39
Luke 23:33-49